Songwriting is a method of storytelling. Songwriting as an intervention within the field of music therapy has been used to explore the integration of pre- and post-injured selves acquired neurological populations. Identity renegotiation and making meaning out of the recovery process through songwriting has been used in spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury populations. Tamplin et al. (2016) created a protocol for supporting reconstruction of identity and meaning making of the rehabilitation journey through the co-construction of three songs (i.e., past self, present self, and future self).

We adapted the Tamplin protocol for people living with aphasia, using an interdisciplinary approach combining music therapy expertise in identity, music, songwriting, and speech-language pathology expertise in aphasia, language, identity, and supported communication techniques may make this songwriting protocol accessible to persons with aphasia. The Strong Story Lab partnered with music therapists from Michigan State University’s Community School of Music and members of the Lansing Area Aphasia Support Group to develop three songs about life.