Student Team

Chloe Ilacqua (2019-Current)

I am a first year graduate student at Central Michigan, currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology. I am from Brighton MI and started doing research in the lab in 2019. Originally I joined Strong Story Lab because I was, and still am passionate about using story telling as a means for healing and coping with having a communication disorder. After being a part of lab for a few years I have been inspired to continue working and making a difference in the lives of adults with communication disorders. My favorite part of lab has been being able to learn so much about research, and participate as a student coach in the Photovoice project!

Bailey Blaisdell (2020-Current)

I am in my second year as a graduate student at Central Michigan University pursuing speech-language pathology. I always wanted to get involved with research but was not sure of what I wanted to do until I saw Dr. Strong present her songwriting project at a conference. I knew right way I wanted to be involved in this and immediately asked her if I could be part of her team. I love the sense of community in the lab and being surrounded by people who share the same passion for aphasia and identity after aphasia. It is so rewarding to see the difference in people’s sense of identity after participating in the songwriting project and I am grateful to be part of this. I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and I finally feel like I am doing just that.

Melanie Hahndorf (2021-Current)

I am currently in the undergraduate program for Speech Language Pathology at Central Michigan University in my senior year. I am from Mchenry, which is a city located in Northern Illinois about thirty minutes from the Wisconsin border. I just recently joined the Strong Story Lab team with hopes to gain knowledge on Evidence-Based practice and how to conduct research effectively. I am looking forward to gaining more experience with aphasia, being apart of a team, and building more connections! 

Lauren Schornack (2021-Current)

I am a senior here at Central Michigan University completing my last semester in the Communication Sciences and Disorders major with a minor in Early Childhood Education and Learning. I grew up in a small town in the thumb called Filion before moving to Mount Pleasant in Fall of 2018. This is the first semester that I am a part of Dr. Strong’s Story lab. I have become very interested in aphasia after studying it in my undergraduate classes. I am really looking forward to branching out and learning more about the research side of this profession and forming new connections with the other Strong Story Lab members! I am still undecided about where I want to work in the future, but I am so grateful to be able to join this research team and I know that it will better me in my future as a speech-language pathologist! 


Claire Tembreull (2021-Current)

I am an undergraduate student at CMU studying communication sciences and disorders. I’m from Gladstone, MI which is in the Upper Peninsula. This will be my first year in lab. I’m looking forward to all the amazing learning opportunities and building relationships with everyone in lab. I’m currently working on my Honors’ Capstone project with Dr. Strong and am in the process of applying to grad schools. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hiking, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. I’m thankful for this amazing opportunity to continue learning and working on becoming the clinician I one day hope to be! 

Brantae Luttig (2021-Current)

My name is Brantae Luttig, and I am from St. Johns, MI. I am currently in my fourth year at Central Michigan University studying Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in American Sign Language. I am interested in this field because I have a passion for teaching and helping others, and also have an interest in the variety of disorders and impacts that these disorders have on individuals. I joined Strong Story Lab to broaden my experiences, build connections, and learn about aphasia and the research process.

Emma Keilen (2021-Current)

I am currently an undergraduate student at Central Michigan University and am studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am joining Dr. Strong’s lab this year to increase my knowledge regarding research and to accumulate new hands-on skills related to speech-language pathology. I am looking forward to not only being able to gain experience, but to also connect on a deeper level with students and professors who share my similar passion. While I am still deciding on where I plan to work, and with what demographic, I know that I will be able to learn valuable insights through partaking in lab. I am so excited to not only work with Dr. Strong and all those in the lab, but I also am looking forward to making a difference for those with aphasia! 

Erica Barta (2021-Current)

I am currently studying Communication Sciences and Disorders as an undergraduate student at Central Michigan University. My hometown is Chesaning, MI. The Spring 2022 semester is my first time joining lab, and I am very excited for this new involvement. Building relationships with others in lab who share similar interests and enhancing my knowledge pertaining to research are reasons why I am looking forward to this opportunity! I am eager for all that lab will introduce me to within the speech-language pathology profession knowing it will shape the future clinician I become. I am excited to create memories through lab that will add to my learning experience as a CSD undergrad.

Amanda Zalucki (2022-Current)

I am an undergraduate student studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at Central Michigan University. I heard about Dr. Strong’s Research Lab through parents of alumni while waitressing in my hometown, Romeo, Michigan. I recently joined the Strong Story Lab during the Spring 22’ semester to learn more about aphasia and research. Making connections with peers who have similar interests and passions in a learning environment is something I look forward to in lab! I hope to become more comfortable with research so I can confidently utilize Evidence-Based practice as a future clinician.

Kasey Trebilcock (2022-Current)

I am so excited to be joining lab this semester! I joined because I think that Dr. Strong’s work is really fascinating and interesting, and I would love to be a part of it! I am very passionate about speech language pathology and am excited to get more involved in the field and in the program. I am looking forward to meeting some new friends, some new opportunities, and the chance to work and be involved in something more than just a class. I can’t wait to learn new and exciting things as a member of lab!