Student Team

Brantae Luttig (2021-Current)

I am currently a graduate student in the Speech-Language Pathology program at Central Michigan University, as well as the Graduate Assistant for Strong Story Lab. I am from St. Johns, MI. I have had a positive involvement in lab through building connections, becoming comfortable with research articles, and gaining knowledge through transcription work. I feel that lab has prepared me with skills that I can use in my throughout graduate school and in my future.

Allison Strnad (2022-Current)

I am a second year undergraduate student majoring in Communcation Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Psychology at CMU. I was born with hearing loss in my left ear and had speech services for seven years as a child. My experience with speech therapy and passion for helping others has led me to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. I joined Strong Story lab after one of my classes with Dr.Strong where her clients with aphasia came and spoke to our class about their life with aphasia. After that class, I realized I had a passion to spread awareness for aphasia since I didn’t know very much on this topic. This lab provides me an in-depth guide to broaden my knowledge for my future career.

Jenna Locricchio (2022-Current)

I am from Northville, MI and am a senior at Central Michigan University majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with minors in Leadership and American Sign Language. I am interested in speech-language pathology because I am passionate about communication and the vital role it has in everyone’s lives. I want to work with others and help them find their own voice because it fosters connection, which is so important as humans. I joined Strong Story Lab because I want to get more research experience and explore more ways to support those with Aphasia. I love learning and I want to take advantage of every opportunity to get more hands-on experience. 

Mollie Zaleski (2023-Current)

I am from Port Austin, MI and am a junior in the Communications Sciences and Disorders program and minoring in Childhood Development. I have a huge passion for working with others and helping them reach their goals, which I find extremely important in Speech-Language Pathology. The Strong Story Lab studies are at the forefront of transforming the lives of others through stories. Implementing the best practices in our field can help those with Aphasia thrive. I believe this research will help me succeed within the program and allow me to gain more knowledge for my career.

Allison Keusch (2023-Current)

I am a fifth year undergraduate student from Big Rapids, Michigan. I am studying music, psychology, and communication sciences and disorders. I joined Strong Story Lab because I am inspired by Dr. Strong’s goal of helping people with aphasia communicate their thoughts and feelings. I am passionate about making connections, and I believe that music is an important, useful form of expressing ourselves. I am deeply grateful that this lab is providing the experience I need to pursue my future research goals.