Student Team

Allison Strnad (2022-Current)

I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Psychology at CMU. I was born with hearing loss in my left ear and had speech services for seven years as a child. My experience with speech therapy and passion for helping others has led me to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. I joined Strong Story lab after one of my classes with Dr. Strong where her clients with aphasia came and spoke to our class about their life with aphasia. After that class, I realized I had a passion to spread awareness for aphasia since I didn’t know very much on this topic. This lab provides me an in-depth guide to broaden my knowledge for my future career.

Mollie Zaleski (2023-Current)

I am from Port Austin, MI and am a junior in the Communications Sciences and Disorders program and minoring in Childhood Development. I have a huge passion for working with others and helping them reach their goals, which I find extremely important in Speech-Language Pathology. The Strong Story Lab studies are at the forefront of transforming the lives of others through stories. Implementing the best practices in our field can help those with Aphasia thrive. I believe this research will help me succeed within the program and allow me to gain more knowledge for my career.

Dakhota Krahulik (2024-Current)

I am a junior from Plainfield, II majoring in Communications Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Spanish. I joined Strong Story Lab because I love helping others, and I believe that this lab will teach me valuable skills that I can use in my future career as a Speech Language Pathologist. I joined lab after hearing about all of the projects that we do while speaking with Dr. Strong, and they really sparked an interest for me in aphasia. I am excited to get the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about aphasia and help others throughout my time in lab!

Asia Donald (2024-Current)

I am a first-year graduate student from Saginaw, MI. I joined Strong Story Lab because I am interested in learning more about helping people with communication disorders find ways to build meaningful connections and improve their overall quality of life. I am looking forward to getting more acquainted with the research process while also gaining knowledge and experience in an area I am passionate about.

Reagan Buhlman (2024-Current)

I am a third-year undergraduate student double majoring in General Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders at CMU. I am from Allendale, MI. I am extremely passionate about making an impact on other people's lives! I learned about Strong Story Lab after a panel of Dr. Strong's clients with aphasia talked about their experiences working with Dr. Strong and her team. I joined Strong Story Lab because I wanted to learn more about how speech-language pathology can transform the lives of people with aphasia. I believe that partaking in this research team will provide me with many valuable skills and experiences that will help me become a great speech-language pathologist!

Wenying Yi (2024-Current)

I am a senior from the Berkshires, Massachusetts, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders at CMU. My experience of teaching elementary students and my passion for cognitive science have led me to choose speech-language Pathology as the profession of my dreams. I joined Strong Story Lab after hearing a speech from her clients with aphasia in 2021. I wanted to know more about aphasia and, more importantly, how to help people with aphasia and their families. I look forward to learning new skills at Strong Story Lab!